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BELLEVUE, Wash., July 23, 2009 - Likewise announced today that it will offer open source software to share files among Linux, Mac, and Windows computers by using Server Message Block, the popular networking protocol for file and print services known as SMB and CIFS. Likewise-CIFS, available in beta today at and in Likewise Open 5.2 under GPLv2 licensing terms, will be the only commercially supported CIFS/SMB file server available to storage vendors and enterprises. Likewise will also license the software under commercial terms that allow an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), to embed the product in its network attached storage software or its network appliance. With more than 30,000 organizations now using its Likewise Open product, Likewise is the leading provider of open source cross-platform authentication software. The company improves sec... (more)

What Makes Cloud Storage Different from Traditional SAN and NAS?

Many in the IT industry seem to enjoy arguing exactly what does and does not constitute a cloud service. As I mentioned in my post on the controversy over private cloud services, I do not feel that these arguments are productive. We should focus on results and business value instead of arguing about semantics. However, the current crop of cloud storage solutions have many important differences from traditional SAN and NAS storage, something that seems to surprise many end users I meet. Cloud storage capacity is not your fathers blocks and files! Primary, Secondary, and Tiered Storage Most IT infrastructures contain a wide variety of storage devices, but these have traditionally been divided into two categories: Primary or production storage serves active applications and is accessed randomly. The primary category includes most familiar direct-attached disks (DAS), s... (more)

Federal Government Cloud – Innovation Nation Supercomputer

One of the headline ‘R&D Working Groups‘ we’re starting up as part of our Canadian Cloud Best Practices program is ‘Federal Government Cloud’. As the name suggests this is a best practices program that will define how a Federal Government can implement a Cloud Computing strategy. This will act as a unifying project, we’ll be basing this on Canadian activities and it will also be the headline theme for the launch of our USA Chapter too. The critical point this program will define is the role this platform can play in stimulating the economy and driving economic growth. Image by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory via Flickr Shared Services Community Cloud This program provides an ideal mechanism for unifying Cloud Best Practice programs, as I’ve found that while many governments are active in this area, each comes at it from a slightly different strategy and with diffe... (more)

Accessing Your File Server from Cloud

Here is another use case keeps coming up from customers using Gladinet Cloud. As one potential customer asked: “We search for a solution for our team. We have a file server with Active Directory for our projects, with a team of users travelling around. We need the files and folders accessible for team members outside of office, while other people working on the same project can continue to access files and folders from within the office.” Above is the main use case requirement, then he follows with the second requirement: “We don’t want the work to be solely in Web Interface, nor do we want applications to provide sync after users come back into office.” The second requirement can be translated into: Please provide real time direct access for both users in the office and users outside office. This usually requires a VPN like solution so remote user can login to the ... (more)

Host that Sorry Page on your BIG-IP!

It's not an uncommon problem trying to figure out where to plant that sorry page in the event your farm is down.  It's also not an uncommon solution to just use your BIG-IP to issue a text-only HTTP::respond.  It works, but it's not, how do you say, visually appealing?  You want to say sorry and mean it.  With pictures.  If you take a stroll through the iRules codeshare, you'll notice several solutions to this problem.  All of them work, with a variety of methods, but user kirkbauer's entry takes it to another level.  Kirk's sorry page irule generator (written in perl) takes all the guess work out of the process for you.  Dump the perl script in /var/tmp, give execute permissions to root, and off you go.  Here's a sample configuration, just taking Google's main page: [root@ltm01:Active] mibs # /var/tmp/ Welcome to the F5 Sorry Page iRule Generator This s... (more)

Are You a CTO? Do You Use Twitter? See

If you are a CTO or other senior enterprise technologist and if you use Twitter I would appreciate you checking something out the site at: This is a directory of Chief Technology Officers.  It is built with Floxee (they are graciously letting me use their capability as a beta user). I decided to build this Twittering CTO directory for several reasons, including: 1) Testing out Floxee.  They have a great capability and have plans to continue rolling out new capabilities and this is a great way to learn. 2) Greedily building my own dynamically updated reference into the thoughts of the twittering CTO.  This has already turned into a good reference that I enjoy learning from throughout the day.   I follow many people on Twitter but sometimes there is just too much traffic there for me to focus in on technology topics, so I thought a list like this co... (more)

Google Apps Get Into Enterprise Provisioning Systems

An important milestone just got passed by Google – one of the big enterprise identity management vendors out there – Quest Software (full disclosure: I am working for the company) – has added Google Apps as a directory to which they can provision identities and access. One might argue that this is a small thing considering that Quest is by far not the first vendor to enter Google’s ecosystem. Google Solutions Marketplace lists a few hundred solutions and services around Google Apps and Enterprise Search. However, Quest is the first among the big systems management (Quest, HP, CA, BMC, Symantec) and identity management (Quest, Oracle, Sun, Novell) vendors to get in there and this is a very important milestone for Google’s acceptance in the enterprise. Technically, what Quest did was adding a Google Apps “connector” into their identity management and provisioning pla... (more)

Likewise Authentication Software Supports Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mixed Network Integration on Ulitzer Likewise announced today availability of both Likewise Open 5.3 and Likewise Enterprise 5.3 software that supports Apple's new Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, enabling those systems to be integrated with Microsoft Active Directory. Likewise Open allows computers running Mac OS X Snow Leopard to authenticate with an organization's existing Active Directory.  Likewise Enterprise builds on the authentication engine of Likewise Open, making it easy for IT managers to authenticate users, control access to applications and data, centrally manage settings with group policies and create reports for regulatory audits.  In addition, Likewise Enterprise is the only solution to provide 100 percent native support for Apple's Workgroup Manager application. "Likewise provides the best integration for Macs into Active Directory and helps make Macs fi... (more)

Microsoft’s First Step Toward Cloud Computing

Azure Session at Cloud Expo Pundits talking about how Windows 7 is all about Microsoft competing against Apple, recovering with Vista consumer adoption disaster, or getting people off of XP, are missing one other – extremely important – part of the Windows 7 story. Windows 7 and its server counterpart – Windows Server 2008 R2 – are actually the first real step in Microsoft’s Windows Cloud Story. Before Windows 7 Microsoft could offer some services (such as Exchange Online) from the cloud – but could not provide full enterprise directory, security and so on – now they can. Microsoft has always called its SaaS plan Software + Services, emphasizing that it can enable rich Windows and application experience over the internet. The reality however has been that in most cases these have been limited to a few web-enabled (e.g. Outlook) or pure web (e.g. SharePoint) applicati... (more)

Quest OnDemand Goes Live

Systems Management as a Service (is there an acronym for this yet?) is finally becoming a reality. Today at Microsoft Professional Developer Conference we have announced beta launch of Quest OnDemand our online IT management services. This is one of the projects which have been consuming most of my time for the last year so I am extremely excited that we reached this roadmap. We demoed one of the services – our Active Directory backup and recovery (Quest Recovery Manager OnDemand for Active Directory) – on stage at PDC (will hopefully be able to post a link to the recording in a couple of days) today – and there are 2 more down the line: InTrust OnDemand (event log management) and Site Administrator Reports OnDemand for SharePoint (SharePoint reporting). We will not be able to let everyone sign up immediately. Instead, if you want to participate, you need to go to the Q... (more)

Likewise to Host Free Webinar “Secrets of Securing Virtual Infrastructure” Featuring Forrester Analyst

BELLEVUE, Wash., November 24, 2009 – Likewise announced today that it will host a free webinar on December 1 that discusses the challenges and benefits of securely authenticating virtual environments with Active Directory – featuring  Andras Cser, senior analyst, Forrester Research, Inc. and Manny Vellon, chief technology officer of Likewise.   The advent of virtualization technology has introduced new challenges for secure authentication on networks using Active Directory. The webinar will address how open source software can be used to help reduce costs, increase productivity, and help demonstrate compliance.   More information and registration is available at   Forrester senior analyst, Andras Cser, advises security IT professionals as a leading expert and author on identity and access management, along... (more)